We ought to marvel at the beauty of this world and handiwork that reflects God’s beauty. But we ought to marvel more at the beauty of God’s grace and handiwork of his grace to us in Christ.


Everyone loves a sunny day; and, everyone hates a cloudy day, right? After all, we have a singular medical classification for the negative effects of cloudy days on the human psyche. We tend to speak of the beauty of any given day in relation to how much of the sun and sky we are able to see. However, Scripture encourages us to view the clouds in such a way as to think of the glory and presence of God


Repentance: uncomfortable and avoided whenever possible (at least that is the way Christians often look at the practice). So much so, that Martin Luther’s first of 95 theses—that “the entire life of believers [is] to be one of repentance”—can sound, even to Protestant ears, like a pretty weak way to start a document that you’d like others to read in full. 


There are 18 common mistakes that ministers, elders and deacons should labor to avoid when leading the congregation in public prayer. 


Truly affirming the “I believe” of the Creed means loving and delighting in the Triune God of the Creed.