There are no pictures of worship in the entire Bible like there are the book of Revelation. There is no shortage of extraordinary vistas of the beauty of God in this book. Ministers shouldn’t be intimidated by prospect of preaching through this magnificent book.


We do not have answers for all the happenings in this life. Somethings remain outside our sphere of comprehension and necessarily outside our sphere of responsibility. We serve a God who reigns over all. He can be trusted; He can be relied upon. There are times we just need to quiet our minds and rest in Him. When we do, we will find that many of our anxieties, worries, and fears quickly disappear.


In doctrinally serious churches, welcoming the children of believers to the Lord's Supper is one of the most important elements of the life of the church; it is also one of the most difficult and widely debated matters. 


We are called to trust that the time God takes us home to be with Jesus is His appointed time, and that the time He appoints is best.


Congregational singing should be corporate—with thought and sensitivity given to participatory songs and vocal parts so that the congregation can actually sing.