We live in what has to be the most frenetic society in all of human history. It seems as though things are just getting faster and faster, and the pressure to fill our schedules with non-essential activities is becoming more and more demanding. The impact of such a dynamic is not easy to measure; but, one of the things that I have noticed in my own life is that it is easy for our devotional life and family worship to fall by the wayside if we are not guarded and purposeful about it. There are quite a number of practical steps that we can take in order to carry out the pursuit of feeding our own souls and bringing our shepherding our childred, even in the midst of such a frenetic society.


The contemplative wisdom of Job on the human experience and its glorious revelation of the sovereign unwillingness of our God to be moored by human demands and definitions, are so needed in our modern world. The people of God need to hear the voice of this book. Most particularly, they need to hear of how Job speaks of Jesus.


"God ordinarily does great things when ordinary ministers of the gospel are bound together as blood brothers, to live and die together. Then God has in His hands the kind of vessels He is pleased to use as vessels of honor for his glory."


Christians should not reduce hospitality to Instagram-worthy tableaux. If we are motivated in our hospitality by a desire to impress others—or to use them for our own social advancement (Luke 14:12)—we sin. But I’m not convinced that inviting people to a delicious and carefully presented meal necessarily makes biblical hospitality into something worldly and inferior.


The church consists entirely of sinners, this side of glory; therefore, church life often includes conflict, this side of glory.