Don’t let the Lord’s Day be drudgery for your family. Enjoy it! Help your children view it as God intends it to be viewed, namely, as the best day of the week. It may take some planning, but it’s worth the effort. As your children get older, they will thank you.


Nothing serves to strengthen our faith so much as seeing the various patterns which God has woven into the pages of Scriptures in order to form a beautiful tapastry of His redeeming grace in Christ. It is not uncommon for theologians to refer to the meta-narrative, or the story of Scripture, as they seek to highlight the organic Christological connectivity of God's revelation in the Bible. Over the years, I've sought to share some of the biblical theological insights that I have gleaned from Scripture and from many of the great theologians of church history. While there are so many rich redemptive-historical connections to be made in Scripture, here is a digestion of some of what I have personally found to be the most spiritually stimulating redemptive-historical meditations from Scripture--combined with a few historical references:


There are numerous reasons for which all men ought to give thanks to God. He has sustains our lives. He provides all the things required for our existence. The sun shines. The rain falls. The seasons turn from one to the next. The generations continue. But there are some things for which Christians are to give special thanks.


Your pastor is even now labouring over his preparation. He is prayerfully, even tearfully, wrestling with his text and with his God. He is weary in body and soul as he seeks to manage all his commitments, many of them as unseen and unknown as yours are. He too is probably juggling his family life and his work responsibilities in an attempt to do all that he is committed to do. He has you in mind. Your face, your life, is before him as he sweats away in the study. He is considering his explanations and crafting his applications for you, your family, and the others whom he hopes and expects will be there morning and evening on the Lord’s day. And he will, one way or another, spring or drag himself into the pulpit on that day in order to minister God’s word to your soul.


Celebrating God’s goodness and the bounty of His provisions once a year is a wonderful tradition. The Psalms remind us over and over that it is good to give thanks to the Lord. But as believers, we know that giving thanks isn’t a yearly event. Rather, the Bible calls us to give thanks each day and not just for the blessings God has given, but as Paul wrote, “in all things.”