The world is always looking for a bargain. Many a storekeeper has made money by taking an 89-­cent article that no one would buy, marking it up to 98 cents, and saying it is something very special. Once we were attracted to a pile of advertising folders on the counter of a railroad ticket office. There in large letters was the interesting of­fer, 15,000 for 25 cents." This looked worth investigating. But like many of the world's offers, and like all of Satan's offers, there was a hitch to it. If the whole truth had been printed, it would have read, 15,000 for 25 cents and your life." Or else, 15,000 for 25 cents and two eyes." Or again, 15,000 for 25 cents and both hands." The money part of the offer was less attractive by the time the details were known.

The devil comes with the word, "The whole world for just a bit of worship of me." It sounds attractive, but the omitted words should be added: ". .. and the loss of your soul." This is what Christ indicated when He said: ".. . what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (MARK 8:36). Yet there are many at Satan's bargain counters, willing to pay the present price, but unmindful of the second payment.

“What can a man give in exchange for his soul.” (Mark 8:37)

1. What bargains have you been offered for your soul?

2. How does the Incarnation, death, and resurrection of Christ keep us from buying a bargain for our soul?

3. What steps can we take so that our loved ones don’t fall for a bargain?

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