Corot's Pond

Corot’s Pond

While Jean Francois Raffaeli, the French art critic was walking near the village of Barbizon he saw the renowned Jean Baptiste Corot painting a meadow, with woods in the background. Raffaeli saw that Corot had put in a small lake, although actually there was no lake in the field before him. "But, Monsieur Corot!" he exclaimed, "is it permissible to paint a pond where there is no pond?" Corot retorted, "Young man, it is eleven o'clock. I have been here in the field since six this morning. I became very thirsty, so I put water in the picture to refresh myself."

Therein we recognize our own thirsts and hungers, our need for refreshment; so Paul expresses his need of refreshment and gives the clue as to how we are refreshed.

Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters;  and he, who has no money, come buy and eat!  Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.  (Isa.55:1)

1.  What painted ponds might an unsaved person go to in order to quench his thirsty soul?
2.  What painted ponds might a Christian go to quench his thirsty soul?
3.  How does the Word of God serve as the primary thirst quencher ?

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