Formulas Not Understood

Formulas Not Understood

Revelation of the production methods of the atomic bomb is bringing to light some remarkable stories. Time and again companies were asked to design a machine according to a "mathematical formula which they did not fully understand." Out of this amazing gadgetry have come scores of new products and processes that have nothing to do with atomic power, such as new ways to dehydrate foodstuffs. Factories that followed the uncomprehended will of the atom staff learned that they had been working smoothly in an overall plan that was for the honor of their nation.

God's will is not comprehensible to many; therefore they refuse it. But those who take it, even as "a formula they do not understand," and work conscientiously to its fulfillment, find the results above and beyond all they could ask or think. Christians who will to do the Lord's will, who definitely make up their minds to do the Lord's will, learn to know the inner meaning of the truth that is of God and not of man.

1. What are some possible reasons we cannot fully understand the will of the Lord?

2. What guides our understanding of God? Can it be from what I think about God or the word of God?

3. What would the will of man look like lived out, and what would the will of God look like lived out?

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