No Fog on the Bridge

No Fog on the Bridge

Terrified passengers lined the railing of a Mississippi River steamer, as it sped through a dense fog. A committee, sent to remonstrate with the captain, for going too fast, discovered that it was clear on the bridge. The fog was dense for about twenty feet above the water so that the passengers, on their level, could see nothing, but the captain could see everything.

The next time you are in a fog remember that God is not and never has been in a fog. He knows all things and is in complete command. Nothing can ever touch you until it has passed through His will.

1. What is the fog in this illustration?

2. What are some examples from your own life that you see this illustration

3. How does God’s perfect will guide us through the fog?

4. Who is the driver and who is the captain in the illustration?

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