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This just in: "Polite Society" has banished Carl, Aimee, and Todd to live on Leper Island! While exploring the island they found another outcast, one who was marooned long ago - Phil Johnson. Phil, of the self-proclaimed Pyromaniacs, chats with the gang about starting fires with Frank "The Turk" and "Dispy" Dan Phillips, Charles Spurgeon's prolific preaching, the cult of celebrity pastors, and proper forms of worship. The conversation moves from levity to depth, with all the pomp, circumstance, and pizazz you've come to expect from the spinners. Listen as the crew mortify the spin as only they can.

Today our Reformed trifecta considers hopping on the ol' evangelical bandwagon. The gang highlights some understated dangers of churches whose leadership present an alluring faux intimacy and show lack of integrity. They also give loyalty to said leaders and their man-made standards over loyalty to God's standards. With the continued kerfuffle surrounding some well-known pastors, the gang raises an important question: Why don't we speak up before things blow up? Join today's conversation to heed what well-known pastor, blogger, professor, and all-around big-time Christian celebrity, Carl Trueman, and two other people, have to say on this hot topic.

Everyone's favorite Welsh theologian returns, and Pelagius has nothing on Derek Thomas! Drop in to hear the Spinners talk with Derek about a whole slew of topics. Principally, they ask him about sin in the lives of pastors. Is it truly "authentic" to be vaguely vulnerable from the pulpit? How do pastor's keep themselves accountable? Hear some of Derek's wisdom on these concerns, and experience the musical delights of karaoke, Welsh style.

This installment of Mortification of Spin: Bully Pulpit sees the crew discussing a pervasive cultural sensation - The Fifty Shades of Grey book series. Since the release of the movie's first trailer, the Internet is abuzz with talk of the series; some of the hype is even streaming from Christians. The hosts cut to the chase: this is not harmless entertainment, it is pornography, and its effects alter a person's attitude and behavior towards sexuality, ourselves, and others on a fundamental level. As Christians, we must flee from sexual immorality, whether it comes in images or the written word. Listen in to hear what all the spin is about… maybe the issue isn't so grey after all.

Crisis! Todd's past comes back to bite him. This Promise Keepers-sweatshirt-wearing hooligan and the rest of the gang discuss a continually important pastoral subject: leadership. Much of what passes for "leadership training" in the evangelical church is profoundly unhelpful. It has more in common with secular leadership theory than it has with anything found in Scripture. This becomes especially troubling when it comes to pastoral leadership. What qualities should a good leader have? How can pastors improve their leadership capabilities to better serve their churches? Listen in!

"If you will agree to tithe your income for 90 days and you don't receive a blessing from God, you'll get your money back, guaranteed!" This sort of spiritual mumbo jumbo is, as Carl nicely sums up, bonkers. Those who propose these gimmicks are treating God as a pagan deity, and wrapping it all in vaguely orthodox theology. We can't stand by and accept this "prosperity gospel lite." Tune in to the latest Bully Pulpit and you'll receive a blessing or your wasted time back, guaranteed!

Dubbed the reformed Harry Styles, William Shatner, and Cruella De Vil, Carl, Todd, and Aimee set out on another spinning adventure. The MoS posse toss around ideas about the very biblical concept of finding strength in the midst of weakness. As Christians, we must draw our strength from our brokeness, sinfulness, and weakness. How can pastors shepherd their flocks of weak, broken people as weak, broken people themselves? On a different note, how is Carl similar to Harry Styles? Will he be able to compete for some of Harry's fan girls?

Broadcasting from deep within the bowels of a college's frathouse, the wandering band of misfits address campus ministry. Bouncing off of an article published on First Things by Robert Gregory, the gang talks about campus ministry on secular colleges, some of which are making Christian groups hire non-Christian leaders. How should churches respond to this? Should they look toward starting their own on-campus ministries? How can they partner with solid, Bible-beliving, Reformed campus ministries already established?

Quilting needles in hand (just listen, you'll get it), the Spin Team get to a controversial topic once again - this time discussing racial diversity with author Trillia Newbell. Trillia's perspective is a unique and helpful one, as she gets into issues not yet talked about on Mortification of Spin. Especially as Christians, we need to remember to treat other humans beings, created in the image of God, as brothers and sisters. What are practical steps that we can take to help create racially diverse churches? Can Aimee really quilt with nunchuck needles? What will Mrs. Trueman think of Carl's "feminine side?"

Fatherhood is a weighty responsibility. Fathering daughters is especially challenging. Who makes the rules for a daughter's life, particularly when it comes to dating? What is the dad's responsibility in setting the rules? Fathers must hold fast and protect their daughters wholeheartedly. The Spin Squad tackles another touchy subject, so listen with caution!