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"Dispy Dan" Phillips drops by the West Virginian tavern the gang seems to find themselves in to talk bad about niceness. Is it wrong to be mean in conservative Evangelicalism? Is niceness the highest calling for a Christian? It's proposed as the end-all of Christian life, but is this really the case? Writing as a "pyro-maniac" for years, Dan has become something of an expert in Evangelical niceness. Listen to Dan and the crew make even more enemies and dig themselves even further in.

The ragtag group of vagabonds takes on the issue of pastoral plagiarism, and as usual pulls no punches. After scoffing at the "manly" Father's Day items Aimee is considering buying for her husband, they get down to the issue. How much can a pastor "borrow" from others before his preaching becomes plagiaristic? This is a weighty topic and an extremely important one for the church today.

Listen today on Mortification of Spin to decide for yourself if your favorite Reformed pastor is more than just a pretty face. The gang’s penchant for the serious, however, is not eclipsed by the silly. Mark Jones joins Carl, Todd, and Aimee to tackle the huge topic of antinomianism. Rev. Jones brings important thoughts to bear on the current debate of justification and sanctification and where the believer gets his assurance of salvation.

The question of women’s roles in the church is as old as the church herself, but in the past ten years the numbers of women teaching theology has skyrocketed. Women teach on blogs, posts, and tweets from all over the world. Is it OK? What is the difference between her work and a non-ordained man’s? Carl, Todd, and Aimee address this topic on today’s Bully Pulpit.

The Mortification of Spin hosts delve into a more serious topic today in a discussion with Dr. Diane Langberg. A licensed psychologist, Dr. Langberg has walked alongside victims of domestic violence for almost four decades. In this sober conversation, she offers sound counsel to a complex and painful issue: how to respond to allegations of childhood sexual abuse in the church. Get equipped to protect and provide hope for the weak and vulnerable.

This week’s Bully Pulpit finds the free-range gang sippin’ coffee made by vulnerable baristas who use only respectfully treated coffee beans. As Carl, Todd, and Aimee get real, they raise an issue magnified by social media: the blurring of public and private boundaries in our lives and the phenomena of showcasing our emotions. But as cage-free as they try to be, you’ll have to go elsewhere to see them cry. After all, there is still a remnant of those who chose to blubber in private.

Melanie Brunson and her dog Sparta join Carl, Todd, and Aimee this week to discuss the church's care for people with disabilities. Blind from infancy, Melanie gives a unique and enlightening perspective on being a part of the body of Christ. How can Christians help those with disabilities in their churches? How does a blind woman meditate on the Sovereignty of God in a culture where the prosperity gospel speaks false promises?

Todd and Aimee go at it without Carl today to discuss the practice of “Fight Churches.” Can men beat the living daylights out of each other one day and pray on their knees together the next? If so, why would they even want to do that? What does it have to do with outreach and evangelism? Extra bonus: the team reveals for the first time ever the secret of their very short commute to MoS recording locations.

Back in their secret underground bunker, the spin team phone up David Wells to discuss his body of work and his huge contributions to modern Christianity. As a turncoat, a self-described "African-American," David has a unique experience and insight into American Christianity. David's voice has carried a lot of weight for much of evangelicalism, and he discusses issues related to this movement. Does evangelicalism have a center, a true coherence, anymore? Is it possible to have one again? David's Wells' input on this timely conversation is beneficial both for those who profess to be evangelical, and for those who don't.

If you are looking to be inspired the Mortification of Spin team is on task to speak to your mind.  In light of the release of “Heaven is For Real” last week, the team asks important questions about how the church should do evangelism.  While Americans tend to be drawn toward the sensational and the inspiring, the Bible sufficiently teaches that the gospel is to be communicated by ordinary means. Think cross, not glitter.