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The relationship between pastors, elders, and deacons impacts the church, and the results can be nurturing or divisive.

The crew chats about the function of each church office, and what those office holders can do to encourage one another, and thus maintain and improve the health of the local body.

Todd, Carl, and Aimee discuss whether personalities should be considered when choosing men to serve, and just what can go right…or wrong!

From past horror stories to present leadership bliss, the team offers helpful advice. Pull up a chair and join in! However, be advised: Carl’s been sharpening his rhetorical sword, and he’s ready to pounce!

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Douglas Groothuis joins the conversation. He’s professor of philosophy at Denver Seminary and has recently written a very personal book titled Walking through Twilight - A Wife’s Illness, A Philosopher’s Lament.

Groothuis reflects on his role as his wife's primary caregiver. He shares with us his personal suffering and life’s dynamics in light of her illness, the ministry of the body of Christ, and how God is glorified through it all.

How does one lament biblically? What are some practical ways in which the local church can minister to and help the suffering brother or sister? This topic is one that many of us have or will face one day. Listen closely and learn about lamentation from the tender heart of a philosopher.

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The crew heads over to Georgetown in Washington, DC where Carl claims ownership of two of The Exorcist steps. As they contemplate the site, they know demonic activity can be a controversial subject for Christians. Among them two different kinds of people stand out: the deniers and the enthusiasts.

Do demons still exist? If so, is it common to see them possessing people? What can we affirm from Scripture about demonic activity at the present time? Todd probably has had some experience with it!

It’s important to consider how we relate to the supernatural. To understand how much power and influence demons can really have over people, and how principalities and powers can act differently from place to place. I dare you to join this conversation.

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Another Brexit. This time it’s a local one, in much smaller proportions, but of no less importance. Carl packs up his memorabilia of 17 years living in the Philadelphia area and teaching at Westminster Theological Seminary. He’ll soon be moving and starting a new job in western Pennsylvania.

Todd and Aimee are not worthy to be in the presence of the renowned Carl Trueman, but they do get a chance to ask him a few questions on behalf of all speculators out there!

Why the choice to teach undergrads? Why this institution? What classes will he teach, and what other responsibilities will he have? You’re about to get the full scope!

Carl’s greatest concern is that he’ll be hugged on campus for being the new kid on the block, but he’s also very excited about the days ahead - which is very unusual for an Englishman like him.

We too think this will be a good fit!

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The conspiracy theory continues to develop and Aimee is determined to drive the bad brokenness out of Carl and Todd.

Whether bad brokenness, or good brokenness - whatever that means, we must have a biblical anthropology. Or, in simpler terms, a biblical doctrine of what it means to be human. Nailing this down will help us view everyone with dignity and respect and even avoid bandwagons on current issues related to sexuality and race, to name a few.

Who are you? Are you merely a social construct? Are you a soul with a body attached to it? Can you still be considered a person without your cognitive faculties? The answers might just drive you to the first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism!

Don’t forget: You are who the Bible says you are, a person made in the image of God.

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After receiving some intel all the way from Belfast, two thirds of the Spin team are on a mission to solve a mystery involving the third member of the team.

When the kerfuffle is over, things get serious as they address the topic of the day–an article written by William Boekestein, "Ten Benefits of Church Small Groups".

Although some small groups can be unhelpful and even destructive, the Crew focuses on a number of the major benefits of being part of a group with good leadership and oversight. There’s always room for growth in a small church group!

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Reformed and catholic - how so?

No better place to meet Scott Swain for this conversation than Disney’s castle in Orlando. He usually finds inspiration there for his theological writing - I bet you didn’t know that!

Scott makes the remarkable claim that in order to be truly protestant, we have to be good catholics in some sense. But don’t get worked up!

He talks doctrinal development and Sola Scriptura, Augustine’s understanding of faith and reason, Thomas Aquinas’ view of the role and the relationship between theology and philosophy, and when the Protestant theological method of interpretation became distinct from the Catholic method.

Can or should Protestants still be drawing from Aquinas? How has this Roman Catholic theologian and philosopher influenced even our Reformed confession of faith? You might be surprised to learn the practical implications of it all in the private and communal life of Christians and in discipleship. So join us!

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Aimee can barely contain her excitement because Dr. Robert Godfrey is here to talk about the “other Aimee”! Aimee Semple McPherson or “Sister”, as she’s known, has interested Bob for some years. We gather around him to hear about this woman preacher, faith healer, and founder of the Foursquare church, from the early 1900s.

What is so fascinating about Sister’s life, and what kind of mark did she leave in American Christianity? What practices have Pentecostals and even our churchs learned and adapted from her?

There’s much to be said about the nuanced stories around her personal life. And Dr. Godfrey is more forgiving than Todd when talking about her mysterious disappearance in 1926.

Gather around for this interesting conversation.

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The crew is in sunny Florida sipping margaritas this week. They’re pleased to be talking with Ismael Hernandez, the president and founder of Freedom and Virtue Institute. He’s written Not Tragically Colored: Freedom, Personhood, and the Renewal of Black America.

Mr. Hernandez tells us what it was like being raised in a militant communist household and what changed after he moved to America. Based on his years of study, observation, and personal experience, Ismael discusses racialism - yes, it is a word, dignity, moral responsibility, and the importance of the family in forming a virtuous individual.

The ugliness of false ideologies have permeated not only society, but also the church! But if you listen closely you’ll hear the beauty of the untold history of blacks in America.

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In light of the Larry Nassar child sexual abuse case, the crew talks about Rachael Denhollander and the treatment she’s received from her church leadership. What’s the appropriate response to cases of sexual abuse in the local church? How do you support and love those who have suffered so deeply in this way?

Carl and Todd reflect on their primary responsibility as pastors who have taken vows to protect and care for God’s people, while Aimee talks about ways to minister to the wounded. Together, they look at the circumstances surrounding Rachael’s case and do their own soul-searching by asking the question: Is it I, Lord?

Join the conversation, and let’s examine what the pastor’s first calling is when a member brings an accusation of abuse to the church.

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