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It’s group therapy in the bunker. The crew is feeling blue, and the only cure at this moment is to get together and discuss their gloominess.

Depression and anxiety are real issues. But is depression a sin? Saints from Biblical times to today have experienced discouragement and depression. What can we learn from them?

Join the meeting and find out how to minister to those who are struggling with this issue, as we discover what measures of comfort the Word of God offers to those who are in Christ.

What does the Supreme Court ruling on the Masterpiece Cakeshop signify for religious freedom from the conservative perspective? Should the decision be celebrated or not quite yet?

The crew welcomes Dr. Matthew Franck to shed some insight on this case and to answer a few other questions. He’s Director of the William E. and Carol G. Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution and author of a vast number of publications.

As a scholar of constitutional law, Matt attaches himself to the text and its original meaning and reminds us that the free exercise of religion is in the first amendment and, therefore, superior to other societal notions of “freedom”. He also offers helpful advice to Christian individuals and small institutions. Grab a piece of cake and join us!

The crew is stoked that Daniel Hyde has agreed to take them on dawn patrol to teach them some rad surf moves. After multiple failed attempts to simply keep the bennys on deck, they take a break to talk about Danny’s favorite hair gel and his book, In Living Color: Images of Christ and the Means of Grace, a timeless take on the Second Commandment.

How has the Second Commandment been applied historically and in what ways can it be violated? Why does it all matter? Pastor Danny uses the Heidelberg Catechism to address the heart issue, but--above all--he emphasizes the positive aspect of the visible elements that Christ has given us. So, grab your board and join our party wave.

Our topic du jour is considered from both the housewife and the pastors’ perspectives.

The trend of dividing congregations by age groups and removing children from corporate worship started a few decades ago, and it has shaped the practice of many churches to this day. But is this trend a biblical model? What are the benefits of having our children present in the corporate worship?

The crew tell us what their churches are doing to engage little ones during the service, and offer some tips for helping kids get the most out of family worship.

Reports of sexual abuse are now commonplace in the media and those claims originate in diverse places, from Hollywood to the sacred confines of the neighborhood church.

Our compassionate crew welcomes Thomas Crumplar. He’s a soft-spoken OPC elder who turns tenacious attorney when defending victims of sexual abuse. Tom has prosecuted and won cases against powerful individuals and institutions, including the Roman Catholic diocese of Wilmington, DE.

Crumplar covers the ground of what constitutes sexual abuse and the first steps leaders must take when they receive a report of sexual abuse. He describes the common victim stereotype, feelings of guilt, the legal process, and much more. There is hope to be found amid the suffering and loss. 

The three amigos gather for Carl’s send-off, as he’s about to move west. Before Carl departs, Aimee offers some helpful tips on how to make new friends. In fact, she has recently written Why Can’t We Be Friends? Aimee’s latest opus addresses friendship between the sexes from a biblical worldview.

The intrepid trio discusses the Pence Rule, biblical anthropology, sibling relationships in light of eternity, the exercise of discernment, and more. It’s the When Harry Met Sally dilemma: Can men and women really be friends?


Insuppressible Intelligent Design

Douglas Axe is invited to the bunker. He’s the author of Undeniable, and the director of the Biologic Institute in Seattle. Alongside Gabe Fluhrer and Derek Thomas, Douglas will speak at Insuppressible: Glory, Gospel, and the Design of Life, a conference of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and the Pensacola Theological Institute happening July 27-29 in Pensacola, FL.

Douglas shares a preview of this fascinating conference, and recalls how--as a young believer—he noticed an inappropriate use of the sciences being put in direct opposition to faith. That observation compelled the Cambridge researcher and CalTech PhD to pursue biblical apologetics through science. You don’t want to miss this conversation!


Terry Johnson shows up at the Spin's "totally awesome" worship band practice. Terry is the pastor of Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, and has written Worshipping with Calvin: Recovering the Reformed Ministry and Worship of Reformed Protestantism.

The crew turns down the instruments, shuts off the colorful spotlights and smoke machine, and listens intently as Terry makes the connection between theology and worship, tracing back to the Reformation period and the Solas. He talks about the proper balance of freedom and form, and what the church is supposed to do when gathered on Sundays.