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Is it the end of the world as we know it? Recent natural disasters around the world have once again drawn speculative voices claiming it’s the end times. Yep! And the date now is September 23rd, 2017… Really?

How are we to think about natural disasters and personal tragedy? Are they indicators that we’ve come to the end? What do we do when tragedy strikes? God is sovereign, subverts evil for His greater glory and for the ultimate good of Christians. But what motivates God to act in certain ways at certain points and time?

So finish up that ice cream in the freezer as the 23rd is approaching fast. And listen in to the very interesting conversation turned argument between Carl and Aimee about the correct pronunciation of the word hurricane.

We have a several copies of "Eschatology in Church History" an audio set from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology that we are giving away. Enter for your chance to win.

From rocking chairs on Todd’s front porch, our hosts try to sort out the lack of common sense among evangelicals. The mega-market of media is often “guiding” Christians to replace their mama’s basic teaching or their conscience as to what’s right and wrong.

Do we need multiple reasons not to send nude selfies, not to shoot grandma, or not to punch the kid at the bus stop? Are we over spiritualizing things and becoming unable to make common sense decisions? What about that voice inside your head? What about The Pogues? Prophetic Rock? Seeing Jesus in Wonder Woman? The conversation continues into the wee hours, and you’re welcome to join in!

We have a several copies of "Good News for Anxious Christians: 10 Practical Things You Don'd Have To Do" by Phillip Cary published by Brazos Press that we are giving away. Enter for your chance to win.

Mortification of Spin Live

For the first time ever (in almost five years), the underground bunker is being cracked open to the public.  Aimee opens the door of her home and welcomes you to be part of the conversation with Mortification of Spin on a more intimate level. You can pull up a chair around her dining room table along with Carl and Todd. Join us on Friday September 15 at 1:15PM ET for a live Mortification of Spin podcast recording. Register at alliancelive.org

With the notes coming out of the Music City, the Mortification of Spin Trio decides to chime-in on the Nashville Statement.

Who is the intended audience? What do the writers hope to accomplish? Our skeptical English host – who doesn’t sign statements whether he agrees with them or not! – wonders if such statements are even effective?

Tune-in as the crew thinks through each of these issues while considering who’s affected by this statement and who’s really on the front line facing the toughest questions. Is it possible to stand firm on sexuality issues without alienating the very people we must witness to?

All that and more, including this week’s great giveaway, “The Gospel & Sexual Orientation”, a booklet birthed out of RPCNA Synod Report to provide guidance on the same points addressed by the Nashville Statement!

We’re joined by a familiar guest this week, someone who knows the underground bunker very well. Todd and Aimee try to keep him humble by setting the ground rules right from the start.

Having recently returned from his celebrity tour, our special guest, Carl Trueman, uses the opportunity to talk about his newest book “Grace Alone”. He addresses the importance of distinguishing the Protestant and Catholic meanings of “grace” and gives us a brief history of the word.

And, being the well respected man that he is, Carl will fill us in on what’s next. This time he’s taking a year off from Westminster Theological Seminary to join Princeton University as a fellow research scholar.

Pull up a chair and join our conversation to find out about Carl’s projects this coming year.

Carl’s globetrotting celebrity tour continues! So as Todd polishes off a fresh batch of gospel-centered cupcakes, he and Aimee stare into the bright spotlight of listener questions.

What’s the difference between error and heresy? Can we declare someone a heretic? When is appropriate to do so? What's the importance of the creeds in all this? Aimee starts by defining orthodoxy in order to answer these questions and once cornered, Todd rightly turns to the apostle Paul to define the Gospel of Christ and its implications.

Join us in this week’s conversation!

We travel this week to experience real southern charm. And there’s no one better to sit down with for sweet tea and casual conversation than Melissa Kruger, writer and Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Uptown Church in Charlotte, NC.

Aimee talks with Melissa about her books The Envy of Eve and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood. We’ll hear the circumstances in which they were birthed and how they help women. Then Carl and Todd jump in for advice on the most important things OTHER pastors need to understand about women’s ministry. Oh and of course, to brag about how sensitive they are to the women in their own churches! Please pull up a seat and join us!

As Carl and Todd are nowhere to be found, Aimee is left to defend the bunker alone. There she uncovers that very first MoS recording from the grand ole’ days before she was voted in as “one of the guys.” Not at all surprising, they’re talking about a woman, Rosaria Butterfield in particular, and her first book The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. Join the conversation as we listen to Carl and Todd’s review of this powerful testimony of God’s saving grace and how helpful and instructive it is for the Church. Oh, and Todd’s brief public admission of his dark past as a Baptist.

Kelly Kapic, professor of Theological Studies at Covenant College, talks about suffering and bravery. Bravery exemplified by his courage to return to have old skeletons exposed by Aimee. His latest book, Embodied Hope, highlights where grace and goodness is found when suffering from illness and chronic pain strikes. He gives biblical perspective when we ask “why us?” and on finding the right place to lament in the body of Christ. Join the conversation as Kelly shares his next project. Oh yes, and learn how Carl became the hero of his own story in a restaurant fire in Amsterdam. There are pictures to prove it!

With Todd away at rehab after PCA General Assembly, Carl and Aimee gab on the 20-year mark of Joshua Harris’ book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, particularly on its impact for the young Christian. Dating - or are we to call it courting? - brings up a lot of questions! Can a guy even take a girl out for a burger without having to propose?

Carl answers, as we expect, “It’s the Americans” when the problem of how we see the relationship between the sexes comes up! No fear, Aimee quickly backs him down when she fires back with the true lasting relationship between them.

Join us in this “powerful journey.” And along the way, find out what is the most terrifying Bible verse in Carl’s opinion - here’s a hint: kiss.

Group therapy is in session and we get to eavesdrop… Carl and Aimee lend their ears to Todd as he pours out his heart about the joys and sorrows of the PCA’s General Assembly. We hear about very important topics; women’s ordination, the Second Commandment, anti-Presbyterian factions in the PCA, and the implications in the life of laity and their role. The outcome is mostly positive as Todd offers up encouragement to fellow PCA-ers. All the while Carl and Aimee once again show jealously for the lack of thrill at any GA the OPC has ever had!