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This week we bring the doctor in! Dr. Mike Emlet recently wrote Descriptions and Prescriptions – A Biblical Perspective on Psychiatric Diagnoses and Medications. He’s trained as a medical doctor, as a pastor, an active counselor, and he teaches counseling. Dr. Emlet seriously cares for people’s body and soul, taking both a biblical and scientific approach to that care.

As Christians, should we be skeptical about psychiatric diagnoses and their treatments? Is it helpful to label such approaches as unbiblical? On the other hand, is it proper to dive right into the use of medication, trusting everything related to science and medicine, while ignoring spiritual issues? Dr. Emlet shows us a third way and lays the groundwork for a balanced, biblical approach toward those struggling mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Please join us for this informative interview!

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For the first time in 25 years, the state of Alabama has a Democrat senator. In a special senate election, Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore, who is fighting sexual misconduct allegations.

The crew discusses politics and morality in light of a recent article written by an evangelical commentator who claims Christian black women saved evangelicalism by overwhelmingly voting for Mr. Jones guaranteeing his victory.

Should we trade, so far unproven sexual allegations for straightforward immorality, pat ourselves on the back, and celebrate the outcome? And at the very core, what if all the options before us are contrary to Scripture?

Even Aimee’s dog has something to say about that one!

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After public confession of generational sin and absolution at the hands of the Spin team, Dr. Jonathan Master is ready to talk about pastoral integrity, accountability, disqualifying sin in the minister’s life, and the response from the church. Spoiler: No cover up here!

Jon is the host of Theology on the Go - the other podcast of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals! He’s also professor of theology, dean of the School of Divinity at Cairn University, and a minister in the OPC.

Today, we're reminded that it’s for good reason that Paul tells Timothy to watch his life and doctrine closely - lives are at stake… eternally! Yet, we can't forget that ministers are sinners too and fellow travelers on the road of sanctification. Jonathan helps us spot the fine line between indwelling sin, humility, and washing dirty laundry in front of the congregation.

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What do we know about Empress Mathilda, or Maud, as she was best known? Well until now, not so much. “The Girl Empress – The Chronicle of Maud” by Amy Mantravadi is a series of historical novels on the life of this fascinating English character of the 12th century.

Amy lets Empress Maud tell her own life story. From the extensive historical research Amy has done, we learn much about the time period. But this conversation is not only about Maud, it’s also about a certain modern theologian and church historian. Thanks to Amy, his wish was fulfilled in the character of Karl of Worms - a heroic character with some moral flaws who briefly appears in the pages of this volume. You’ll not believe me if I tell you who it is, you must listen for yourself!

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Many in the online world are caught in the social media spin cycle of partisan bickering around politics, religion, and celebrity gossip. What is one to think of the frustration, the insults, and the open hostility that have become the normal pattern of response? Do we forget a human being is typing on the other side?

Our hosts need help as they consider how to think in this heated environment. There is no one better than Alan Jacobs to provide it! He is the distinguished professor of Humanities at Baylor University and an outstanding writer. His newest book How to Think: A Survival Guide for a World at Odds is a rich resource of well done research on how to navigate life from an Augustinian view of humanity. He might help us not view people as RCOs (Repugnant Cultural Others).

Warning, convicting content!

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The crew travels West, picking Hollywood as their destination this week. Unfortunately, the topic is not “holiday” hit movies but the publicity of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals. Questions are on the table and the discussion is on: Consent among two adults, how is that determined in Hollywood’s environment? Is it fair to say that Weinstein is merely acting upon his industry’s philosophy? How can these sex scandals be so prominent amidst a culture that claims to defend and empower women? What is the solution for these abuses? Will more laws and codes be able to curb the depravity of the human heart? The crew offers some alternatives that Hollywood might not find ideal. Let’s hear what they have to say!

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We’re taking a ride in a Mustang GT through Western PA with our special guest T. David Gordon. He’s the professor of religion and Greek at Grove City College, he's also been studying and teaching media ecology for years.

T. David offers some astute thoughts on how the media has impacted Johnny. He shows us how pulpits and pews have been affected by cultural illiteracy. Johnny can’t preach, he can’t sing hymns either, and the crew wants to know why. What are the basic elements missing from preaching and why must they not be ignored? He also gives us great insight on the exclusivity of Psalm singing. All that, while listening to the powerful V8 engine and ZZ Top playing on the radio.

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The crew is playing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” in the underground bunker as they take a look at the statement “Evangelicalism is as much of a culture as it is a theological movement,” and they discuss the difficult job of defining evangelicalism.

What does evangelicalism look like in the broad spectrum? Where do Reformed confessional protestants fit in? How do we separate evangelicals like Joel Osteen and D. A. Carson? Not so simple! "Big Eva" or small, the conversation weighs in on our unity with brothers and sisters from other denominations against the threat of losing denominational identity when we get into the big movement.

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It’s getting chilly in the Northeast so we head down to the Sunshine State, order a freshly-squeezed orange juice, and sit out in the sun with Michael Allen, professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando to talk about his New Study in Dogmatics volume entitled Sanctification. The crew has many questions for him, and I bet they’re not the only ones.

What is holiness, and what does it really mean to become holy? Should moral living be addressed upfront in evangelism? Is there a connection between sanctification and assurance? Michael kindly answers these and more, by connecting sanctification to other fundamental doctrines of Scripture.

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What does it take to disqualify a man from ministry? Adultery? Emotional and spiritual abuse? Manipulation? According to cultural Christianity, none of these!

If God’s Word is not the rule of faith and life, the moral compass is lost and anything goes! We’re talking about the “come-back” of Mark Driscoll and Tullian Tchividjian to the public life, and worse, to the pulpit after serious public scandals.

The gang opens up the issues and answers some of the questions that many of us are asking. What are the qualifications of an office bearer? How seriously should the church and the office bearer take the standards laid out in the pastoral epistles? Are there warning signs one should watch for? Does repentance mean full restoration to ministry?

Turn it on, turn it up, and let's see what they’ve got!

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