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10/20/19    - "We Have Seen His Glory"
                     John 1:1-18
10/27/19    - "Grace and Peace Came"
                    John 1:1-18
11/03/19    - "The Voice of One - Part 1"
                    John 1:19-28  
11/10/19    - "The Voice of One - Part 2 "
                    John 1:19-28

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Liam Goligher is a native of Scotland and earned his D. Min at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson MS. He was a minister of churches in Northern Ireland; Canada; two churches in Scotland; and in Richmond, London before becoming Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia PA in 2011. He has authored several books and contributed to many others. Dr. Goligher has served on the boards of many Christian ministries, including as a Trustee of the Keswick Convention Trust in the UK. A popular conference speaker, he was invited to Keswick eight summers. He and his wife Christine have been blessed with three daughters, two sons and numerous grandchildren.

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Posted: July 27, 2014

We may imagine God?s wrath raining down in the form of lightning and plagues, but most often, judgment comes through the natural consequences of our own actions. The Philistines found this out the hard way and we?ll read all about it in 1 Samuel chapter 6. How can a person repay a debt they can?t assess to a God that they don?t know? That?s the ultimate question faced by all unbelievers, including the Philistine?s of Samuel?s day?

Posted: July 20, 2014

Christians like to place blame on secular education and popular culture, but the church itself is often hostile toward God and disobedient to his Word. Take for example, the Israelites, who tried, quite literally, to put God in a box. Whether the idols in our lives are physical statues or are simply priorities that we place before God, they all share one common trait: they are given life by the people who worship them?

Posted: July 13, 2014

Last week we learned that the Israelites took the Ark of the Covenant into battle to face the Philistines. Today, we?ll discover who came out on top and we?ll learn how one woman taught more theology in her death than her husband, who was a priest, taught in his entire lifetime. Following God is pretty simple. Because when it comes down to it, there?s no magical solution or quick fix that can replace humble obedience?

Posted: July 06, 2014

For centuries, humans have been looking for ways to control and manipulate God. We see examples in Scripture of everything from the building of a tower to the misuse of religious icons. But as much as we might scheme and plot, the reality is that we can never force God?s hand to accommodate our own agenda. Ritual without meaning is worthless and a religious symbol without God?s power is nothing more than a physical object. The Israelites had to find that out the hard way?

Posted: June 29, 2014

Samuel fulfilled the duties of both judge and prophet and in doing so, literally bridged the gap between two eras of Israel?s history. His life pointed toward the coming of one who would ultimately make the jobs of judge and prophet obsolete. As we open to 1 Samuel chapter 3, we?ll witness God?s decision to open up the lines of communication with his people after years of withholding his word.

Posted: June 22, 2014

God?s judgment doesn?t necessarily come in the form of traditional, imposed punishment. In fact, it?s often found in the natural consequences of the sinful decisions we make. As we study the book of 1 Samuel, we?ll learn that true judgment is God leaving us to our own devices. Anything else is purely grace. God is never pleased with empty ritual that is done out of a heart of disobedience. As we listen in to Liam?s teaching, we?ll find that corrupt worship really isn?t worship at all.

Posted: June 15, 2014

There are three simple words that have the power to change our perspective on life dramatically. God ? is ? king. If we truly believe these words, then we also believe everything that occurs is within God?s control and under his rule. When it comes down to it, God?s authority equals our security. Imagine a kingdom ruled by a wise, loving, and powerful king. Now let?s listen in as Liam explains how that kingdom is indeed reality for those who understand God?s authority in their lives?

Posted: June 08, 2014

If you?ve ever been so full of joy that you can?t help singing, dancing, or laughing, then you?ll relate to the story of Hannah ? a story that uniquely fits into the big picture of God?s ultimate plan. Hannah?s famous prayer, recorded in First Samuel, serves as a model for us on how to praise God for His work in our lives. When Scripture refers to ?the heart,? it?s referring to more than the physical organ. Rather, it implies the very core of one?s being. Today, Liam will remind us that it is with that heart that we are to worship God, just as Samuel and Hannah did?

Posted: June 01, 2014

The Old Testament is full of historical stories of real people who lived real lives. We?ll follow one such story through a dramatic turn of events and discover how a barren, distressed woman with an insensitive husband and a misunderstanding high priest was blessed by God with a son. Her story is one that foreshadows the greater deliverance we have in Christ. When we pray with faith, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and God works in powerful ways.

Posted: May 25, 2014

Modern psychology tells us that by repressing our desires, we?ll only make them stronger. But the Bible gives us an entirely different perspective on dealing with temptation. In fact, it calls for a two-step approach to resisting the attacks of Satan?and it turns out that approach has less to do with our own self-control and more to do with God?s protection. The battle against temptation is weighted in our favor because we have the promises of God on our side!