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Media is the best means to acquaint a wide and varied audience with the Alliance's message and goals. Listening to it requires no initial commitment, providing a risk-free way for almost anyone to be introduced to reformed theology and consider its implications. The Alliance currently produces the following broadcasts:

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The Bible Study Hour
: Preparing you to think and act biblically.
Clear biblical preaching that serves as both a model to pastors and a stabilizing source of biblical truth for lay people featuring James Boice.

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Every Last Word : Teaching the whole Bible to change your whole life.
Providing a rich diet of expository preaching to help people grow and apply God's Word to everyday life with pastor, author, Christian college president Philip Ryken.

Mortification of Spin LogoMortification of Spin : A casual conversation about things that count
Culturally relevant and often controversial topics taken on in funny, thoughtful, and unpredictable ways with Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd.

Theology on the Go LogoTheology on the Go: A brief conversation about an eternal truth
Pastors and theologians discuss weighty topics in a thoughtful and accessible way showing how theology is relevant today with Jonathan Master.

Liam GoligherNo Falling Word: Instilling the Scriptures in an urban culture
Proclaiming and applying the Gospel from the center of one of America's largest cities, hosted by Liam Goligher.

barnhouse Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible - Making God's Word Plain.
The longest running of all Alliance broadcasts, Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible originally started as The Bible Study Hour with the teaching of Donald Barnhouse. Once James Boice took over the ministry, Dr. Barnhouse's messages continued to air under this new name. This broadcast features both a weekly and daily program. Donald Barnhouse was the founder of Evangelical Ministries.

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