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Publishing offers the Alliance a different way to address the concerns that led Alliance members to form the ministry. Because it allows people to stop and think about what they are considering, the printed page enables and encourages them to think critically in a way that audio and visual media might not. Internet and print periodicals are generally a gateway to more serious reading.

reformation21 logoreformation21: Encouraging biblical thinking, living, worship, ministry, and constructive cultural engagement
Providing an authoritative, Reformed perspective on historic matters and current issues to inform, inspire, and challenge Christians.

Place For Truth LogoPlace for Truth: Exploring the depths of what we believe
Thoughtful yet accessible biblical, systematic and practical theology, as well as church history exploring the importance and relevancy of what we believe.

Christward Collective logoThe Christward Collective : Where doctrine and life meet
Like Calvin, these younger contributors wed theological study to an all-in-life experiential godliness, applying biblical truth to a very contemporary culture.

Daily Devotionals from James Boice, Donald Barnhouse, & Matthew Henry — Devotionals sent daily to compliment your time in the Word.,, and

ReformedResources: 60 Years of Reformed Resources
Thousands of audio in both CD and MP3, video, book, booklet and e-book resources from trustworthy authors and Alliance speakers at

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