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Publishing offers the Alliance a different way to address the concerns that led Alliance members to form the ministry. Because it allows people to stop and think about what they are considering, the printed page enables and encourages them to think critically in a way that audio and visual media might not. Internet and print periodicals are generally a gateway to more serious reading.

reformation21 logoreformation21 — The online magazine of the Alliance,, is a free resource that seeks to encourage biblical thinking, living, worship, ministry, and constructive cultural engagement. Though the tone of reformation21 is positive and pastoral, we are unafraid to touch on the controversial and to provide well-balanced criticism when necessary. The magazine is geared toward laypeople but we often engage cutting-edge subject matter and hope to help pastors lead their congregations through these important issues. Check it out at

The Christward Collective — "Take heed to yourself and to your doctrine" (1 Tim. 4:16). In keeping with this exhortation and the example of Calvin's Geneva, The Christward Collective is an attempt to help introduce the reader to various aspects of theology, together with the experiential benefits that ought to flow from them. Whether systematic, biblical, exegetical, historical or pastoral theology, we are seeking to help further equip believers for growth in their relationship with Christ and other believers. Check it out here.

Place for Truth — For us, the main issue is not whether these doctrinal convictions were held by Calvin or Luther, Spurgeon or Hodge (though they were), no, the main question is whether they were taught by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself – our king, the author and finisher of our faith. Since they are, then we must do nothing less than stop and think. And ultimately we must stand. That is what the authors writing for this online publication will strive to do. Check it out here.

Think and Act Biblically — This entry-level daily devotional is most closely associated with The Bible Study Hour and is posted daily on the Internet. Each week a new theme is explored through an expository look at Scripture, a brief lesson, and study questions. Check it out here.

Making God's Word Plain — This entry-level daily devotional is most closely associated with Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible and is posted daily on the Internet. New themes are explored through an illustrative look at Scripture, a brief lesson, and study questions. Check it out here.

Matthew Henry — A daily devotional that explores Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer, with a detailed look and explanation of how to pray biblically. Check it out here.

Alliance Booklets — The Alliance produces hundreds of booklets by James Boice, Philip Ryken, Richard Phillips, WITA Today IssuesDonald Barnhouse, and many more. These low-cost, short  booklets provide access to outstanding presentations of doctrine usually found only in larger, more expensive volumes.

Today’s Issues Booklets — These booklets are published in partnership with Crossway Publishing and include titles such as “Justified by Faith Alone” by R. C. Sproul, “Is Jesus the Only Way?” by Philip Ryken, and “What Makes a Church Evangelical?” by James Boice. These concise booklets offer answers to many of the basic questions of the reformed faith.

Alliance Scholars Colloquia — Two books have been published based on the Alliance Scholars Colloquia: A WITA Only One WayConfessing Theology for Postmodern Times on hermeneutics and prolegomena was published by Crossway and Personal Identity in Theological Prospective about anthropology was published by Eerdmans Publishing.

Publishing Partnerships — The Alliance has partnered with publishers to produce many books. Here We Stand is an outworking of the Cambridge meetings. The Church, and Only One Way? stem from previous PCRTs. We have also partnered to publish Teaching the Word of Truth by Donald Barnhouse.

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