Precious Blood 2 - R.C. Sproul

I've always found it somewhat interesting that the critics of the Christian faith aim their guns at the miracles of Jesus and particularly at the resurrection of Christ or the virgin birth of Christ, and they will say, “Oh, come on now, the virgin birth goes against all nature, all science.  It couldn't have happened, and certainly when people die, they stay dead and the idea of a resurrection is a myth.  I wondered why do they spend so much attention on that rather on the extraordinary aspect of Jesus and his sinlessness?  Is there anything more rare?  Anything more scarce?  Anything more extraordinary?  Anything more common than as human being without sin? 

At the same time, if we understand that death itself is a consequence of sin, we can understand easily that one who was sinless will be raised from the dead.  The amazing thing is how death held Him at all in light of His apparent sinlessness.  He is indeed the Lamb without blemish.

So when Peter speaks of the precious blood of Jesus.  He's speaking of the value of the blood. Well, was it just the blood of Jesus that saved us?  Did we assume some kind of magical power inherent in the blood that went through His veins?  Wasn't it required of the life of Jesus not just His blood? 

My friend John Guest many years ago raised this question:   If Jesus came down from Heaven and scratched His finger on a nail, would that have done it?  There's blood and it's the blood of Jesus?  Wouldn't that be enough to redeem our souls?   Of course the answer to that question is NO.  If He scratched His finger on a nail, He would have survived it.  He would not have died.  He would not have been put to death.  He would not have given His life, His precious person that is symbolized by His blood.

You  know, I thought about that for many, many years, that question that if Jesus just scratched His finger on a nail, would that have been enough?  Well, in terms of what God requires to cover our sins, obviously the theological answer is no, it would not be enough.  When I contemplate Jesus spilling one drop of blood for me, just one scratch on His finger, it would seem to be so valuable that I really think it would be enough to pay for my sins because the great chasm that exists between the flaws of my life and the perfection of His for a perfect man to shed one drop for me is more than I think I'll ever be able to understand in this world.  That blood is flawless. 

Again, if Jesus had one flaw, committed one sin, a peccadillo, a tiny sin, an inconsequential sin, He would have been disqualified to be our Savior because, beloved; God required the sacrifice that was without blemish, that was in the precious.