Redeeming Blood 10 - Robert Godfrey

You know, some people say, well, if only I could see those miracles that are recorded in the New Testament...if I could only see them for myself.  What happened to the majority of people who did see those miracles in their own day?  They still managed to suppress the truth in unrighteousness, didn't they?  They still managed to turn away.  They still managed to think only about themselves, and not about the Christ. 

Those miracles were supposed to draw their minds to Christ, to His glory, to His love, to His mercy, to His kindness.  But too often they only drew attention to themselves and what they could get out of it.  You see, God gave the most valuable gift He had--His own Son for our redemption, and what will God make then of those who trample the blood of the Son under their feet, despise the blood of the Covenant?  insist on their own wisdom? 

Verse 13 of Psalm 49 says, "This is the path of those who have foolish confidence, yet after them, people approve of their boasts.  People approve of what they say."  The wisdom of the world is what many insist on following, but where does the wisdom of the world lead?  To death.  But the wisdom of God leads to life... life through this extravagant of Jesus Christ the first born Son. 

The judgement that fell on Pharaoh's son and Egypt's sons, that judgement or curse and dereliction and destruction God has turned and placed on His own Son for the redemption of His people.  If that does not move our hearts in the love of God for sinners, what more can you say than He has said?  "Do not let death be your shepherd," the Scripture says, but find in Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep and who promises to lead us by still waters, in green pastures, to deliver our souls and give us life, abundant life now, and a glorious life beyond our imagination in a new Heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

God grant that everyone might have Jesus as their Shepherd.

Let us pray together.  Oh, Lord our God, how thankful we are for the abundance of Your mercy to us in Jesus Christ.  Draw us away from the foolishness that would follow the wisdom of this world, the foolishness that says there is no God or that God cannot help, and help us come to true understanding that God has ransomed the souls of His people from death, and in Jesus Christ promises glorious life to Jesus Christ who trusts in Him.  Oh, Holy Spirit, come and give that gift of faith to each one here, that we may more and more look to Jesus Christ, trust Jesus Christ, and find our life in Him.  Hear us for we pray in His Name alone.  Amen.