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“Thank you for your assistance in getting this mug shipped out to Australia for my husband's birthday in July. I have been meaning to send you this photo of Mr Tea meeting Mr T for the first time! They get along well together. I think Carl would like him, being English. We have just finished listening to the gang as we do every Sunday night...
Thanks again, keep up the great work and may God bless you all.” 
– Mandy K. (MoS listener)

Mortification of Spin strikes a chord with those joining the conversation!

Thank you for tuning in and giving an ear to the Spin team Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, and Aimee Byrd as they have a casual conversation about things that count. There is another important member of the team – you. 300,000 of you are listening monthly. 

Mortification of Spin deals with the topics and issues that most churches can't, don’t, or won’t! But these issues are crucial to the Church today including childhood sexual abuse, women’s roles in the Church, depression, ministering to those with cancer, and understanding identity politics – to name a few. 

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Mortification of Spin equips its listeners to actively and intelligently engage the culture without capitulating to it. Mortification of Spin is a voice that encourages us to stand firm, to not lose hope, and to call others to faith and repentance.

“Just a small thank you. You might begin to think, ‘It’s just a small podcast’ but the last 100 episodes have been a boon to someone like me… 
MoS has helped us:
Consider other’s opinions with which we differ
Seek out books, articles, & lectures that push our mental capabilities
Remind us that resting in our faith comes by knowing it.
Thanks Carl, Todd, Aimee – love you all.” – Barbara L. (MoS listener)

The response from those of you whom have joined the conversation solidifies our desire to continue this important resource. 

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