Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology



The Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology was organized in 2003 and ran until 2015. During its history, Princeton enjoyed the gracious participation of gifted speakers and the help of numerous volunteers and the support of a number of churches and ministries, including Grace Community Church, Hope Presbyterian Church, Stone Hill Church (formerly Westerly Road), Princeton Evangelical Fellowship, Manna Christian Fellowship, the Christian Union, and the Jonathan Edwards Institute.

The vision of the conference was to make the Princeton region a place where the most glorious God is truly known, sincerely acknowledged and obeyed, and thoroughly enjoyed through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We promoted the supremacy of God in all things for the blessing of all people through renewal of the Church and revival among the community. In pursuing this mission, we were guided by the conviction that God is most glorified by teaching that is most faithful to His Word, and by lives that are most obedient to His will, as revealed in the Scriptures.

Believers from many churches were brought together to enjoy excellent teaching, worship and fellowship, and mobilized the gifts and resources of the Church to bless the greater community through the proclamation and demonstration of the glory of God

As a result, the many excellent materials you see on this page were produced for the edification of the Church. May God be glorified.

The God We Worship

Audio Sets

Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology Anthology


From Dust to Glory: A Tale of Two Adams (2015)

Providence (2014)

Sanctification: God's Work, Our Response (2013)

How Long, O Lord? Suffering, Scripture, and the Grace of God (2011)

These Speak of Me: The Glory of Christ in All of Scripture (2010)

Children and Heirs: God's Glorious Adoption (2009)

God's Truth, Man's Lies (2008)

Our Holy God (2007)

God's Glorious Grace (2006)

God's Will, Our Joy (2005)

God's Praise, Our Purpose (2004)

God's Glory, Man's Hope (2003)