God's Method for Holy Living

God's Method for Holy Living                           

Donald Grey Barnhouse

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Publish Date: 2007
Topics: Holiness, Christian Living                                               



Dr. Barnhouse guides us through the Word, its gift of salvation, promise of assurance, call for prayer, and object of holiness. He reminds us of Christ's love, who it falls upon, what it gives us, all the while reminding us that to grasp it would be akin to placing the oceans in a bottle! We are then directed to our Lord's return. We are admonished to be like Him, allowing us to answer how we will appear on His return. And only then does our teacher speak of the glory that is only God's, but that shines upon us. Glory that is not for the emotion of it all, but to transform us by Him and for Him!


Donald Grey Barnhouse

Donald Grey Barnhouse was, for half a century, one of the most widely acclaimed American preachers. Scholarly exposition and a popular approach marked his teaching. An unyielding faith, devotion to Christ, innovation, and great energy marked his ministry.

Although some found him overly abrupt and sometimes controversial, his zeal for the Kingdom of God made him an exciting and captivating speaker. His elocutionary ability sprung from his careful speech, friendly manner, vivid analogies and most of all from his faithful exposition of the Scriptures. He was able to make the Bible relevant to the modern man. In fact his sermons have grown no less relevant to those who hear or read them today.

Dr. Barnhouse was one of the pioneers of radio preaching in the 1920s. Eventually he launched his own network program, The Bible Study Hour. In 1949 he began his famous study of Romans which continued each week for nearly 12 years until his death. This radio program continues to air as Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible.

The written word was also part of Barnhouse’s ministry. He wrote many articles and authored more than a dozen books. He was founder and editor-in-chief of Eternity Magazine. He displayed remarkable insight in his evaluation of the meaning of events for church and nation.

For over 30 years Dr. Barnhouse conducted a weekly Bible study class in New York City. More than 500 people attended. The demand for his services as a speaker and a conference leader was international.

His ministry was a varied one. For 33 years until his death he served as the pastor of Philadelphia’s historic Tenth Presbyterian Church. There his influence was realized in many young lives that were directed into the ministry and the foreign mission field.