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Posted: January 06, 2019

Purim was to be a day of rest, a day of remembrance, and a day of rejoicing for the harried Jews of the Persian Empire, and they enjoyed their peace-for the moment.  But this was not to be their final rest.  Liam Goligher shows us that Purim was merely a foreshadowing of God’s plan for the peace that is to come.

Posted: December 30, 2018

It is time to say “farewell” to the leading lady in the drama that has encompassed an empire and saved a people.  Esther has been used by the Lord in a way she could never have imagined, and her duty is complete.  Now, it’s time to celebrate--and to remember.  Join Liam Goligher as he explores the origins of the festival of Purim.

Posted: December 23, 2018

Terror spreads throughout the Persian empire as the slaughter begins. But, the intended victims—the Jews—are not the target. Their enemies flee as God’s people gather together and take up arms against them. Join Liam Goligher for the exciting conclusion of his message, "Holy War" from Esther chapter 9.

Posted: December 16, 2018

On the day that had been planned for the annihilation of the Jewish race, the tables are turned, and the pursuers become the pursued, as Jews across the empire gather to defend themselves.  Liam Goligher explores chapter 9 of the Book of Esther and the depths of God’s protection for His chosen people.

Posted: December 09, 2018

History tells us that many Jews were prominent in the Persian Empire and influenced the course of history:  Daniel and Nehemiah to name a few.  But only Esther was in a position to save a nation.

Posted: December 02, 2018

Satan holds a firm grip on the things of this world…until the Strong Man overcomes him and foils his plans. Liam Goligher shows us how God, through Esther, foiled the plans of the house of Haman.  But the devil is not finished and a hurdle remains. Find out what that hurdle is, and how Esther prevails.

Posted: November 25, 2018

After a period of considerable silence, Esther prepares to speak the truth to the king.  In the midst of her second banquet for the king and Haman, she makes her plea: Grant me my life…and spare my people.  And with those words, her plan—and God’s—are complete.

Posted: November 18, 2018

Pythias, a loyal supporter of the king, once made a simple request:  that his son might be exempted from military service.  The result?  His son was cut in two.  Making a request of the King is dangerous business for Esther, too, but unlike Pythias, Esther is in the will of God.

Posted: November 11, 2018

On a fateful night in Susa, two men are sleepless, both thinking of the same man: Mordecai.  The King wants to honor him, giving a rich reward to the man who has saved his life.  Haman, on the other hand, has just the opposite in mind as he spends his night plotting to build gallows on which to hang the Jew who has vexed him for so long.

Posted: November 04, 2018

It’s been said that God is on the field when He is most invisible.  That is certainly true as Haman plots the death of Mordecai, and King Xerxes calls for the chronicles of his reign to be read on a sleepless night in Susa.  What transpires could only come from the mind and the hand of God.