Raising Our Voice in the Midst of Today's Culture

We are living in an age where the Church’s voice is in decline and unbelievers rarely hear the Gospel. This is both troubling as well as an amazing opportunity. The world needs a strong voice of sound doctrine and the Alliance is RAISING OUR VOICE!

Radio is an incredible way to share the Gospel. It’s like street corner preaching — an ordinary means of grace that changes hearts and minds by simply hearing the Word of God! 

The hope of Raising Our Voice is to raise an additional $250,000 to provide these resources equipping believers through the rich study of God’s Word. And, by God’s grace, even more people who thirst for the Good News of the Gospel will be reached.

We need your help to raise an additional $250,000 by December 31st.

31% toward goal



Your partnership is critical as we are RAISING OUR VOICE in the midst of today’s culture.


Join hundreds of Alliance Members like you Raising Our Voice for Gospel proclamation!

Raising Our Voice will equip even more men and women with the truth of God’s Word–and with sound teaching that encourages them to think and act biblically.

Please join us in Raising Our Voice for sound doctrine and make a gift today.

Download the Raising Our Voice case statement

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