Christ's Call to Discipleship

A Newly Released Audio Series from James Boice

Has it ever occurred to you that something is lacking in the lives of many of us who call ourselves Christians? We live in an age where the lack of true discipleship is a fatal defect. But to be a Christian is no light matter. It is a call to a transformed life and to perseverance through whatever troubles may arise. It may be the hardest thing anyone can do, yet with Christ supplying the strength anyone can do it. 

In Christ’s Call to Discipleship, Dr. Boice does not mince words. He outlines the meaning, path, cost, and rewards of being a true disciple of Christ. 

Christ’s Call to Discipleship is now available for purchase as:

14 MP3 messages on CD, $14
14 messages on 7 CDs, $42
Download individual messages, $1
Paperback book, 182 pages, $10

Discipleship is lifelong, it is total. And the rewards are priceless.

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