Help and Encouragement for New Pastors

reformation21 contributor Sean Lucas reviews Jason Helopoulos’ latest book, The New Pastor’s Handbook: Help and Encouragement for the First Years of Ministry. Jason, associate pastor at University Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a contributor at The Christward Collective and will be joining the 2016 Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology as a workshop speaker in Grand Rapids. 

Sean writes, “The picture of ministry that emerges from this book: ours is a serious calling that deserves earnest effort and regular gratitude. To me, this is one of the great values of what Jason has done for us: presented a picture of ministry in all its reality that is earnest, serious, sober, and satisfying.” Read Sean’s full review on

The New Pastor’s Handbook is scheduled to be released in October just in time for Pastor Appreciation month. Preorder on

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