Persuasion of the Mind – Enflaming of the Heart

You know the importance of sound doctrine preached. Yet in many churches God's Word is no longer preached. Congregations no longer bear fruit. 

Secularism seeps into churches, maybe even your church.

Alliance members like you look to the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology for sound doctrine preached! Maybe you are fortunate to be in a church with confessional doctrine, but you see the need for others to have access to the same fruit-bearing teaching. 

PCRT brings sound doctrine preached to thousands faithfully. 

Pastor Rick Phillips, chair of PCRT, reminds us:

"I can remember my first PCRT and the palpable excitement that attended God's Word.

The packed, hot sanctuary shook as we sang Martin Luther’s great hymn, 'A Mighty Fortress'. In the center, was a beaming, singing, Jim Boice. Dr. Boice was the founder, guiding PCRT to be a cornerstone of the Alliance.

Over that weekend, I was exposed to condensed, clear, “black-coffee” Reformed theology. The result was not merely the persuasion of my mind but the enflaming of my heart with a passion for the truths of God’s Word. ”

Maybe you have your own PCRT story to tell, a story of hearing God's Word in a meaningful and new way. A story of being changed by the working of the Spirit through the teaching at PCRT. We hear from many people – even people who have attended church all their lives – who discover at PCRT the truths fought for centuries ago.

But it’s larger than just PCRT; farther than just Philadelphia!

Alliance members sponsor events throughout the year, bringing proclamatory, expository teaching to more people across the continent.

Even if you are unable attend this year, your support enables pastors and college students to attend at reduced rates. Events can't continue by registration fees alone but require the support of Alliance members like you. Your gifts allow registration rates to remain low and means more people hear God's Word.

We don't labor alone and for that we are grateful. Thank you for standing with us.


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