The Gospel is preached, doctrine is shared, and truths are defended thanks to you!

The ExtraOrdinary Day of Giving on November 20th truly was extraordinary thanks to Alliance members. Our goal was a modest increase over last year; your gifts and support far surpassed what we imagined.  Over $21,000 was given on that one day by our members. Because of your generosity we will receive an additional $1025 in matching grant money from the Lancaster County Community Foundation and their presenting sponsors.

The Gospel is preached, doctrine is shared, and truths are defended thanks to you!

As we are most of the way through this budget year and as we reach the end of 2015, we want to both thank you and encourage you. We knowingly set a budget that stretches us by 10%! At my lead, the Board agreed to spend $122,528 beyond what we raised last year. They joined me in knowing how much we are accomplishing and how faithful you have been. On November 20th Alliance members contributed close to 20% of that budget stretch. We praise God for you!

The Alliance labors alongside our members to proclaim and uphold God's inerrant Word and its doctrines. As we approach the new year please consider joining us as a Friend of the Alliance

Alliance Friends are committed and faithful partners in proclaiming the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your gift of support goes a long way in helping to deliver a wealth of resources from some of today’s best teachers to a world that desperately needs to hear. You can join as a Friend with a monthly gift of just $25. Call 215-546-3696 to join.

As we prayerfully consider the work that lies ahead in 2016 it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of your prayers and support. When you invest in the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, you join in the proclamation of the Gospel, the sound preaching of biblical doctrine, and the teaching of Reformed truths. 

Thank you!

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