The Shepherd Leader: Shepherding to the Chief Shepherd's Glory, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals newest web site, is the result of Alliance members who see the need to build up leadership teams that truly shepherd their churches. Be sure to bookmark the website and come back often. Pastor-scholar Tim Witmer will provide regular insight and on-going coaching material for church leaders. His system contextualizes biblical principles for the specific ministry roles and needs found in today’s Church.

Dr. Witmer's book, also titled The Shepherd Leader, has been tremendously helpful to pastors and church leaders around the world. Expounding on his leadership-themed books, Tim’s blog will provide further instruction and furnish ministry materials to impact those in leadership and to encourage and equip pastors. You will also find a speaking schedule and free resources that will greatly benefit your ministry.

The fundamental responsibility of church leaders is to shepherd God's flock. The aim of is to provide a practical guide to shepherding in your church. Subscribe to today! 

The Shepherd Leader give away is now closed. You may purchase a copy at

Winners of The Shepherd Leader

1. Thomas H, Colorado Springs, CO

2. Matthew P, Blandon, PA

3. Alex S, Apex, NC

4. Scott H, Vermillion, SD

5. James P, Globe, AZ

6. James R, Winona Lake, IN

7. Doug N, Brunswick, GA

8. Mark H, Bentonville, AR


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