Alliance Leadership

The Alliance is a para-church organization led by confessional churchmen. By that very description, each leader, like our speakers and writers, has subscribed to a historic Reformed confession and is held accountable to such. In turn, the ministry expects to be held accountable by you, its members. The list below outlines those individuals leading or directing the various components of the organization.


Board of Directors

Mr. James W. Bruce III
Rev. Jeffrey Stivason
Vice Chairman
Mr. Michael Cuzzolina
Mr. Jay G. Volk
Mr. L. Edgar Barnhill III Esq Mr. Robert Doll
Dr. Jonathan Master Rev. Richard Phillips



Mr. Robert Brady
Executive Director

Mrs. Karen Ciavolella
Director of Communications


Podcast Hosts

Mrs. Simonetta Carr
Kids Talk Church History
Rev. Todd Pruitt and Dr. Carl Trueman
Mortification of Spin
Dr. James Dolezal and Dr. Jonathan Master
Theology on the Go



Dr. Michael Roberts
Think and Act Biblically

Dr. Jeffrey Stivason
Place for Truth and reformation21


Event Chairs

Mr. David Blank
Gap Center for Biblical Studies
Rev. Phil Bowersox
B. B. Warfield Memorial Lecture Series
Rev. Ronald Kohl
Quakertown Conference on Reformed Theology
Rev. Sean Morris
Blue Ridge Institute for Theological Education
Rev. Richard Phillips
Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology
Rev. James Reff
Eastern Shore Reformed Conference
Rev. Stephen Unthank
Steve Fix
Chris Spano

Prince George's Conference on Reformed Theology
Mr. David Welliver
Bold North Conference on Reformed Theology