Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

First held in 1974, the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology is the nation's oldest, continually operating, Reformed conference. Its purpose, according to Dr. Boice, is three-fold:

Awaken interest in biblical theology and the doctrines of grace

Establish a forum at which men and women in the Reformed tradition might meet and be encouraged 

Marshall resources to strengthen the Church

Since that time, tens of thousands of Alliance members, as well as noted pastors and teachers, have been gathered around the country to study and be encouraged by God’s Word. PCRT remains the most potent of all Reformed conferences, lacking the air of a convention but instead cultivating an intense combination of worship and Word. We purposefully hold our conference in churches to encourage a worshipful and intimate setting where attendees can fellowship with one another and the speakers.

Your support provides for in-person training and discipleship and produces the resources below that are used for years to come by believers around the globe. The Church will only grow stronger as we know the Word of God and proclaim it to our contemporaries.

PCRT History







2017: Reformation: Recovering the Essence of the Gospel
2016: How Firm a Foundation
2015: Holiness and Honor: A Reformed View of Sex and Marriage
2014: Profaning the Sacred: Beauty and Holiness of the Bride of Christ
2013: In the Beginning: God, Adam, and You
2012: The Gospel: What? Why? How?
2011: Children of God: Adopted into the Father's Love
2010: These Last Days: A Christian View of History
2009: Right with God: The Doctrine of Justification
2008: Precious Blood: The Atoning Work of Christ
2007: The Word: Above All Earthly Powers
2006: The Doctrines of Grace
2005: One Way: The Exclusive Claims of Christianity
2004: Forgiven, Forgiving
2003: Christ and His Church
2002: The Promised Holy Spirit
2001: Lord, Have Mercy
2000: Our Promise Keeping God
1999: Amazing Grace
1998: Worship God!
1997: The Theology of the Cross
1996: What the Church Needs Now is Reformation
1995: Two Cities, Two Loves


1994: Desiring God: A Reformed Perspective on Worship
1993: Walking in the Old Paths
1992: Our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
1991: Redeemed! Redemption Applied
1990: Redeemed! Redemption Accomplished
1989: Whatever Happened to Sin?
1988: How Firm a Foundation
1987: How Great Thou Art
1986: Our Blessed Hope: The Doctrine of Last Things
1985: The Church: God's New Society
1984: Christ or "Big Brother"?  A Christian Vision for Today's Society
1983: Predestination
1982: Come, Change our World!
1981: How to Grow Your Faith
1980: If God Be for Us
1979: In Praise of Christ: The Biblical Name and Titles
1978: The Cross Our Glory: The Nature and Extent of the Atonement
1977: Man the Sinner, Man the Saint
1976: Our Sovereign God
1975: On Knowing God
1974: The Doctrines of Grace