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Posted: May 09, 2015

The scene was set. King Saul was exposed and vulnerable, and the outlaw David was deeply tempted. David’s advisors want him to end Saul’s life and take the easy route to the throne. Coming up on No Falling Word we’ll find out what David does to Saul next time, with Liam Goligher.

Posted: May 02, 2015

The Lamb wins. The Church wins. We win. Coming up on No Falling Word, Dr. Liam Goligher will talk about the strengthening hand of the God who Provides - even in the face of rejection, isolation, and betrayal.

Posted: April 25, 2015

Try harder!..Have more faith!..and then you will be healthy and happy!  Is this true? Is this biblical?...Coming up, on No Falling Word, Liam Goligher will examine the role that suffering plays in the life of a Christian. We will look at the suffering and trials of David as well as the Helping Hand of God.

Posted: April 18, 2015

The enemies of God have always been making war against the saints of God. Yet, our confidence is securely placed in God's Sovereignty and His Steadfast Love. Today, on No Falling Word, Liam Goligher takes an historical view of the Antichrist and this great struggle between God’s enemies and God’s people.

Posted: April 11, 2015

The word Antichrist conjures up unnerving images in our minds of Satanic beasts and demonic rulers. Whether man or beast, the Antichrist is certainly a threat to our peace and stability. Coming up, on No Falling Word, Liam Goligher will define “Antichrist” and explain how to recognize the Antichrist in history and our world today.

Posted: April 04, 2015

Hope is elusive. It is hard to get a firm grasp on hope. The entire cosmos longs for a hope that never fades and cannot fail.  Coming up on No Falling Word, Liam Goligher will share about a Rising and Living Hope that is secure and eternal.

Posted: March 28, 2015

1 Peter 1:3-9

Posted: March 21, 2015

The man generally known as King David, first spent years as a cave-dwelling outlaw who had a knack for attracting every desperate, down trodden, rag-tag man in the neighborhood. Next time, on No Falling Word, we will learn to respond to trial, fear, and suffering as David did... by trusting in God, who delivers and preserves!

Posted: March 14, 2015

David was a national hero and a man after God's own heart......yet at the same time, he suffered and was hated. Next time, on No Falling Word, we will hear of God's preserving power as we travel with the fugitive David on his exciting...and sometimes undignified...journey.

Posted: March 08, 2015

1 Samuel 20:1-42