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Lessons for the Journey Home

Article by Jeffrey Stivason • December 12, 2014

We love lessons. As parents we wait for and even seek out teaching moments. But even more specifically, we love distilled instruction. We want the ideas boiled down. Give us three easy points and we are happy. You want proof for this mindset? Check out the endless series of books for Dummies and Idiots on virtually any subject. We want the facts and just the facts. Now, if you think I’m balking at the idea of lessons and teaching moments then you’re heading toward country I don’t plan to visit. But if these shoes aren’t made for walking in that direction, then to which road am I headed.

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The Case for Credobaptism

Article by Sam Renihan • October 31, 2014

The practice of baptizing professing believers is grounded upon two complementary foundations. The first is an argument from the covenants of Scripture. The second is an argument from the commands of Scripture related to those covenants. Credobaptists and paedobaptists often assume, or argue, that the people of a given covenant receive the covenant sign. Thus, in the case of the subjects of baptism one must simply identify the covenant people. This is insufficient. The administration of covenantal ordinances is governed by specific laws, which must be obeyed strictly.

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