Help Equip the Church with Sound Biblical Resources that Prepare Christians to Think and Act Biblically

“Evangelical churches today are increasingly dominated by the spirit of this age rather than by the Spirit of Christ.” So begins the Cambridge Declaration. 

What a difference it would make if Christians really believed and understood the great doctrines that are essential to the faith!

This year-end the Alliance needs to raise an additional $200,000 to provide resources that will help prepare Christians to think and act biblically. This is to equip believers through the rich study of God’s Word; and reach more people with the Good News of the Gospel. 

Through broadcasts like The Bible Study Hour, Theology on the Go, and Mortification of Spin, events such as the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology and the Quakertown Conference on Reformed Theology, and published works such as the online magazine reformation21 and Ken Golden’s latest book, Entering God’s Rest, Alliance members provide for the sound teaching that prepares Christians to think and act biblically.

Please prayerfully support the Alliance this year-end by donating to the Think and Act Biblically Campaign.

Your gift of any amount will:

Launch an Alliance Internet radio station

AllianceNet Radio will air Alliance broadcasts and podcasts, as well as Alliance events and Alliance Member Churches. 

Create a Come to the Waters online devotional

Turn this excellent print volume into a digital devotional designed to daily reach thousands of young Christians! 

Improve broadcast websites

In addition to direct listening and download at, it will also connect Think and Act Biblically daily devotional to the weekly broadcast, and showcase both related products and the free items of each broadcast.

Continue to digitize messages by Drs. Boice, Barnhouse, and Ryken

Literally hundreds of reel to reel tapes from these Bible teachers need to be preserved, digitized, and edited for broadcast and distribution! 

Print additional works by Drs. Boice and Barnhouse

Help secure permissions, edit, layout and design, as well as print, distribute, and—most importantly—promote both books and booklets from Drs. Boice and Barnhouse!

Share Eternity Magazine online

Digitize 40 years of editorial work of Dr. Barnhouse, then Dr. Boice, with thousands of outstanding articles into new web content!

We live at an incredible period of time thanks in part to technology. And while we know it’s not dependent upon any method man can devise, by God's grace, we can reach more people, in more places, with that gift that will last into eternity!

As we look to God for direction and examine His resources as to how they might be deployed, it’s hard not to be humbled and excited. God has blessed the ministry with work beyond our own plans and with incredible partners like you. We pray He will continue to provide the resources to share His Word.

Please visit for more information or to make a donation.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support!