Highlights on the Trinity Debate

You may have heard of the “Trinity Debate” that took place during the summer of 2016. We’ve received a lot of feedback from ordinary Alliance members wanting to more fully understand the discussion. Below you will find a summary of the highlights on the Trinity debate. If you would like a more comprehensive list please visit Books at a Glance.

Rachel Miller wrote two posts on this topic before it picked up traction:

May 22, 2015
Continuing Down This Path, Complementarians Lose

May 28, 2015
Rachel addresses the danger of departing from orthodox formulations of the Trinity using Calvin and Matthew Henry commentaries. 
Does the Son Eternally Submit to the Authority of the Father?

Liam Goligher’s post on the Housewife Theologian blog is what started the big debate, posted in two parts on June 3rd and 6th, 2016:

June 3, 2016
Is it Okay to Teach a Complementarianism Based on Eternal Subordination?

June 6, 2016
Reinventing God

June 7, 2016
Carl Trueman stokes the fire with his post Fahrenheit 381

June 9, 2016
Bruce Ware's Response to Liam Goligher and Carl Trueman
God the Son–at Once Eternally God with His Father, and Eternally Son of the Father

Carl Trueman's Surrejoinder to Bruce Ware

Wayne Grudem's Response
Whose Position on the Trinity is Really New?

Carl Trueman's Rejoinder to Wayne Grudem

Denny Burke adds a handful of additional remarks:
A Brief Response to Trueman and Goligher

June 10, 2016
John Calvin weighs in

June 11, 2016
Mike Ovey
Should I resign? On the eternal subordination of the Son

June 13, 2016
Michael Bird/Michel Barnes
Patristics Scholar Michel R. Barnes Weighs in on the Intra-Complementarian Debate on the Trinity

Michael Bird/Lewis Ayres
Patristics Scholar Lewis Ayres Weighs in on the Intra-Complementarian Debate

Andrew Wilson
Eternal Submission In The Trinity? A Quick Guide To The Debate

Owen Strachan Responds to Liam Goligher and Carl Trueman
The Glorious Godhead and Proto-Arian Bulls

Aimee Byrd

A Plea to CBMW

Mark Jones
Eternal Subordination of Wills? Nein!

June 14, 2016
Liam Goligher Responding to Mike Ovey

Carl Trueman
Motivated by Feminism? A Response to a Recent Criticism

Wendy Alsup and Hannah Anderson
The Eternal Subordination of the Son (and Women)

June 20, 2016
Liam Goligher
A Letter to Professors Grudem and Ware

Wayne Grudem
Another Thirteen Evangelical Theologians Who Affirm the Eternal Submission of the Son to the Father

June 21, 2016
Carl Trueman
Once more unto the breach... and then no more: A final reply to Dr. Grudem

June 23, 2016
Rachel Miller
The Grand Design: A Review

June 27, 2016
Ian Hamilton
The Trinitarian Debate: Some Reflections and Cautions

June 28, 2016
Albert Mohler
Heresy and Humility–Lessons from the Current Controversy

Carl Trueman
A Reply to Dr. Mohler on Nicene Trinitarianism

Liam Goligher
On the Word "Heresy"

July 1, 2016
Michael Bird/Lewis Ayres
Lewis Ayres on the Meaning of Nicene Orthodoxy

July 5, 2016
Carl Trueman
A Fulfilled Prophecy and Another Guest Post from Mark Jones

Liam Goligher
We Cannot but Speak

July 7, 2016
Todd Pruitt
Let's all be Nicene

August 10, 2016
Denny Burk
My Take-Away’s from the Trinity Debate

August 11, 2016
Aimee Byrd
What Denny Burk Could Do

Aug 22, 2016
Kate Shellnutt
The Complementarian Women Behind the Trinity Tussle