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The demands of Christ may be more than we think. We want to pencil Jesus into our schedules. But Jesus refuses to be squeezed in. He wants to have our whole lives. Today we’ll wrestle with what it means to follow Christ – and not look back. Aired on Sunday!

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Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible: "Bruising of Satan" Romans 16:20
The Bible Study Hour: "The Feeding of the Five Thousand" Matthew 14:13-21

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The Master Wordsmith: For Whom Did Christ Die?

Winter 2014 Australian PresbyterianChristian apologetics sounds like we are apologising for something, but it actually means “defence”. How can we go about defending the Christian faith? In a real sense, it defends itself, and is selfauthenticating. It only needs to be proclaimed to be convincing. Yet there is a place for apologetics. One might go about it in three possible ways:

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God in the Whirlwind: A Review -- By Carl Trueman - on reformation21

6 Gritty Benefits of a Robust Christology -- By Joe Holland - on Christward Collective

A Christian Primer - The Incarnation
By Timothy Cross

Herod ruled for more than thirty years, most of the time from Tiberias on the southwest shore of Galilee, not far from Capernaum or Nazareth. But at this point he seems to have been at the fortress of Machaerus, about seven miles northeast of the Dead Sea, since that is where John was imprisoned.More

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