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If the resurrection of Christ is a myth, then the entire New Testament is nothing more than a simple fairytale. Today, we’ll find out why the whole of Scripture – and even the very purpose of our lives - hinges on this one doctrine. Dr. James Boice teaches on this precious truth and the miraculous event that we celebrate each Easter. Listen on Sunday!

Also Airing on Sunday:
Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible: "Missionary with a Vision" Romans 15:19-20
Every Last Word: "Dead Man Talking" Luke 7:11-17

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Family Bible Conference
Philip Ryken
David Garner
Carl Trueman

June 21-27, 2014

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By One Man: The Historical Adam

Autumn 2014 Australian PresbyterianAt an English dinner party in the 1950s, the topic was raised as to whom one would like to meet in heaven. One guest suggested Shakespeare while another suggested the apostle Paul, but C. S. Lewis said that he would like to meet Adam. He waxed eloquent: "Adam was, from the first, a man in knowledge as well as in stature. He alone of all men 'had been in Eden, in the garden of God, he had walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire'."

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Christian World View
Dr. Philip Ryken, Bible teacher on Every Last Word, discusses the idea of a Christian Worldview. Join Dr. Ryken and others as they speak on this relevant issue at the 2014 Texas Hill Country Bible Conference entitled "Cultivating a Christian Worldview" February 28 - March 1. To find out more information about this conference, click here.

A Christian Primer - The Incarnation
By Timothy Cross

This week we've looked at different ways that "the pattern of this world" eases its way into our worldview. And this is the point at which we also need to talk about genuine mind renewal for Christians, which is what I will continue with next week. But I want to mention a helpful little book by John Stott, the Rector Emeritus of All Soul’s Church in London. It is titled Your Mind Matters.More

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