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BSH 72

Preparing you to
think and act biblically

Featuring the expository preaching of
Dr. James Montgomery Boice


Listen Monday through Saturday to The Bible Study Hour's daily series through Revelation and on Sundays to the series in Matthew.

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The Bible Study Hour December Schedule

12/7/14 -- "The Parables of the Two Sons and the Wicked Tenants" Matthew 21:28-46
-- "What Child is This?" Matthew 1:18
12/21/14 -- "Jesus! Jesus!" Matthew 1:21
12/28/14 -- "The Parable of the Wedding Banquet" Matthew 22:1-14

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Suffering Disgrace for the Name
From time to time in our study of the parables I have noted that a particular parable is difficult to interpret, and have mentioned several ways the details of the story could be taken. That problem does not exist with the parable of the wedding banquet, however. On the contrary, it is all too clear. It speaks of God's gracious invitation to us in the gospel and of the indifferent and arrogant way men and women sometimes respond to it. It speaks of hell, the end of those who attempt to enter the king's presence without the wedding garment of Christ's righteousness. Wise is the man or woman who learns from it.More

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