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Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible

"Making God's Word Plain"
for over 60 years!

Featuring the Bible teaching of
Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse


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Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible March Schedule

3/1/15 -- "Birth and Beginnings 2" Luke 1-5
-- "Birth and Beginnings 3" Luke 1-5
3/15/15 -- "Growing and Sowing 1" Luke 6-10
3/22/15 -- "Growing and Sowing 2" Luke 6-10
3/29/15 -- "Growing and Sowing 3" Luke 6-10

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The music that plays during the beginning and end of each broadcast is "God's Amazing Word," From the Hymns For a Modern Reformation booklet, and CD. Copyright 1999 - Linda Boice.


Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible, 7:00 AM Sunday
WNBU 94.1FM in Oriental NC.
WTIB 103.7FM in Greenville NC.


By Paul Hopkins
When Donald Grey Barnhouse invaded a room, the response was electrifying.  Some people idolized him; some hated him.  Some found him charming; others found him a bore.  Instantly, he divided a crowd between those who found him stimulating and others who couldn’t stand his dogmatism. More

By the Editors of Eternity Magazine
“What impressed you most about Donald Grey Barnhouse?” When asked this question, I replied, “His daring and bold encounter with the Word of God.” The Word seemed to constantly call forth the best that was in him. He delved into its depths to catch a new facet of truth every time. The Holy Spirit of God set his brilliant mind aflame. More

by Margaret N. Barnhouse

I first became acquainted with Donald Grey Barnhouse through his book, Teaching the Word of Truth, which, although it was written for nine-to-twelve-year-olds, a wise Bible teacher used as a study outline in our class of adult baby Christians, for she realized we knew nothing of Bible doctrine and needed its clear, simple teaching... More

The music on Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible is God's Amazing Word which can be found on the Hymns for a  Modern Reformation CD. Both the CD and booklet can be found at

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