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If there is one area in which  young Reformed men preparing for seminary have generally failed to give adequate attention it is to the writings of that period of church history from the Apostles to the Reformation.


If we are honest with ourselves, we would all have to admit that we have broken our vows many times and in many ways. Divorce is not the only way in which the marital vows are broken. Every harsh word, selfish act, lustful thought, etc. is a breaking of our marital vows. Leaving a local church for unbiblical reasons is not the only way to break our church membership vows. Delinquency in attendance, complaining, stirring up discord, failing to use our gifts for the spiritual well-being of the other members, failing to pray with and for one another is also a breaking of our vows.


Christ is the One who has appointed the marks and means by which He is advancing His kingdom in this world and bring His people to glory through His own prophetic, priestly and kingly ministry in His church


The man of God needs to be ready for the long, hard race set before him. We need to cast off any idea that sprinting will win the race for us. "We have," in the words of the Apostle, "need for endurance" (Heb. 10:36)--both in the Christian life and in Christian service. 


One of the most important and rewarding ministries we can ever enter in on is that of ministering the truth of God's word to the children of a local church. God has entrusted the children of believers to the care of both the pastors and congregants of a local church. It is our duty and privilege to prioritize ministry to these little ones. As we give ourselves to a prayerful and joyful commitment to teach them the central truths of God's word, we find that we are the recipients of unique blessings. What greater joy than to know that our God and Father has sent us to care for and nurture the children of His church. May He give us the grace to do so with earnestness and great care--for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.