Remembering Jerry Bridges

As many have reported, Jerry Bridges has been called home by the Lord. He was a much loved speaker at the Alliance’s Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. Only in the last decade have we not heard from Jerry due to his health concerns. After a career of campus ministry and a writing career on holiness, he was able to personally connect with Alliance members in a remarkable fashion that has become a standard of Alliance events. We know you will miss his teaching style as much as we will. So we would like to make the following messages available for your edification - and I am sure Jerry would suggest for your holiness!

We share the following seven messages as MP3s for free (use the passcode “holiness” and the discount will be applied at check out.)

Dying to Forgive 

Just to Forgive

God’s Word and Christian Discipleship

The Great Exchange

Trusting in God's Sovereignty 

Trusting in God’s Goodness

Trusting in God’s Wisdom


If you would like to hear them all you will find these messages in one bundle (remember, use the discount code of “holiness” and the discount will apply at check out.) But download them now, as this offer ends March 31, 2016.

May God bless you as you hear this wonderful teacher. Now with the Lord, but God’s word remains!


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