Owning Truth

Owning Truth

Children learn early in life the rights of property. "That is mine," and "That is yours," are words which in every nursery must be well understood. Many lessons can be learned from knowing that certain things belong to us and that we must care for them if we would keep them for proper use.

"The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever" (Deut. 29:29). The word belong is not from the Hebrew, but was added by the translators to make the meaning of the original more clear.
Nevertheless, there is a great truth involved in this verse. God has revealed truth unto us by His Spirit (1 Cor. 2:10). That truth belongs to us.

The question that we need to face is whether or not we possess that which we own. Many of us own more umbrellas than we possess. We have bought them, but they have a habit of disappearing. They are ours, but they cannot keep us dry when it rains. It is as though we did not own them. This is, indeed, a very simple illustration, but it is sufficient to remind us that we own truth which we do not always possess. The title has been put in our name, but we do not necessarily enter into its possession.

When the patriarchs entered the promised land, they were ordered to go in and possess it. The promise was given that they should possess every place where the soles of their feet should stand. North, south, east, and west - all they had to do was to walk in faith, and God Almighty became bound to fulfill His promise and to keep them while they were walking. In like manner, the Word of God has been given to us. It is a promised land; we are to enter in and possess it. Some Christians camp in the four Gospels with an outpost barracks in the Psalms and never get any further in the possession of Christian truth. The great well-watered plains of the Epistles and the crowning heights of prophecy are foreign lands to their timidity. Let the Christian realize that the entire Word of God belongs to him. Each truth within its pages is waiting to speak to the heart.

1. What are some ways we can make sure that we possess and own the word of truth?
2. If we stick to just the New Testament will we truly be in possession of the word?