Making God's Word Plain, with Dr. Donald Barnhouse, has been an excellent biblical resource for daily devotional study. The timeless teaching of Dr. Barnhouse through his radio and internet broadcast ministry continues to encourage and convict believers around the world. Due to low use, very limited financial support, and to be good stewards the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals must sadly discontinue the Making God's Word Plain devotional.

God is the only being in the universe who has a right to be intolerant. In fact, if He were tolerant He would not be God. Tolerance, in one of its shades, is the supine allowance of that which is evil. Crabb, in his great work on synonyms, says, "What is tolerated is bad in itself, and suffered only because it cannot be prevented; a parent frequently suffers in his children what he condemns in others; there are some evils in society which the magistrate finds it needful to tolerate."

From the dawn of civilization people have been interested in clothing. The writings of the classics are full of allusions to and descriptions of dress. The art galleries pass before us, a veritable fashion review of history. The textile museum of Lyons contains remnants of cloth from ancient Egypt, the Orient, Greece, Rome, and thousands of costumes of the Middle Ages, not to speak of the myriad samples of modern fabrics. Silks and satins, wools and cottons, linens and laces; royal purple and dun burel; tunics of kings and robes of queens; the splendor of courtesans, the chasuble of popes; the gay and somber pageant of vanity unrolls before our eyes.

Man is always subject to error. He can be mistaken without knowing it because he is fallible; he can also be mistaken wittingly because the seed of sin is in him and he loves the "darkness" - untruth, rather than the "light" - truth. But God, the great, unwavering one in whom is no variableness, does not confuse us by changing His ways. Every statement is sure; every prophecy is secure; every promise is certain; every fact is verified by the nature of His being. He is the one who can say, "Let God be true, but every man a liar" (Rom. 3:4).

The Bible says that anyone who wishes to draw near to God must believe that He exists, and that He will reward them that diligently seek Him (Heb. 11:6). This is why the Bible always takes God for granted. In the beginning of Genesis Moses did not attempt to prove the existence of a God. Setting forth proof for God would have been superfluous, for by Moses' time there were already too many gods.