Many people complain that they do not have time to read the Bible as much as they would like. In Boston, Lydia Roberts provided readers of The Globe with this excellent summary of "How to Get Time to Read a Book":

1. Talk less.
2. Carry a book in your bag.
3. Put a book under your pillow at night; if you can't sleep, read.
4. Wake up 15 minutes earlier every morning and read...

A man was going with a girl who, some of us thought, was not at all worthy of him. Some breathed a sigh of relief when he went into the army and was gone for two or three years. The girl drifted around with other fellows, and the worthy young man met a worthy girl in a distant city, fell in love with her, and married her. When the war was over, he returned to his home with his bride; one evening the first girl drove by the house and dropped in to see her old flame and to meet his wife. But the wife was not there. The first girl made no attempt to hide her affection; the man realized that he had but to reach out his hand and she would be his. He told me about it afterwards. There was within him all that goes with male desire, but there was something more within him also...

A friend of mine bought a house for $11,000, and lived in it for about five years. Then he had to move to another city. Knowing that prices had gone up, he hoped to get $13,000 or $14,000 for it. He advertised the place for sale, and almost immediately a prospective buyer came to see him. When he was asked the price, the owner said, "Make me an offer." Without batting an eye the visitor replied, $17,000." Hiding his amazement, my friend replied, "Well, I would like to get $20,000 for it." The buyer pulled out a checkbook and said, "Let's split the difference, I'll pay you $5,000 on account. I've got to catch a plane and get back home to get ready to move."

As we were leaving Beaumont, Texas, we saw a large sign along the highway calling upon people to acknowledge God. "Go and worship God in the church of your own choice," we read. We pulled to a stop in front of a red light. Another car drew alongside us. A child's voice read the sign and said, "Daddy, what does worship mean?" The father replied, "It means to go to church and listen to the preacher preach." Could there be a more horrible definition? Worship - three or four hundred years ago it was pronounced worth-ship - means the acknowledgment of the worth that is in our God.

A Christian visited a hospital and paused at each bed to say a word of prayer and give out a gospel or devotional tract. At the close of the visiting hour he came to the last bed in the ward and spoke to the patient very briefly: "Dear man, when you come to the end of this life, will you go to heaven?" In a tone of defiance the man replied, "Oh, I think I shall get to heaven all right." "What do you think they do in heaven?" asked the visitor.