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10/20/19    - "We Have Seen His Glory"
                     John 1:1-18
10/27/19    - "Grace and Peace Came"
                    John 1:1-18
11/03/19    - "The Voice of One - Part 1"
                    John 1:19-28  
11/10/19    - "The Voice of One - Part 2 "
                    John 1:19-28

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Liam Goligher is a native of Scotland and earned his D. Min at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson MS. He was a minister of churches in Northern Ireland; Canada; two churches in Scotland; and in Richmond, London before becoming Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia PA in 2011. He has authored several books and contributed to many others. Dr. Goligher has served on the boards of many Christian ministries, including as a Trustee of the Keswick Convention Trust in the UK. A popular conference speaker, he was invited to Keswick eight summers. He and his wife Christine have been blessed with three daughters, two sons and numerous grandchildren.

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No Falling Word

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Posted: August 11, 2019

Who speaks for God? It was the question of Ezekiel’s day, as false prophets spoke the words the people wanted to hear. Join Liam Goligher on No Falling Word, as he considers the skeptics and deniers who believed Ezekiel’s words would either not come to pass, or would come to pass in another generation. 

Posted: August 04, 2019

Ezekiel is transported in the spirit to Jerusalem, to the very door of the temple. There, he witnesses the detestable acts of His people, provoking the Lord to the point of no return, and the terrifying results of that provocation. Join Liam Goligher on No Falling Word for the second part of his message, “When God Leaves the Building,” as he reveals the extent of God’s wrath against His chosen race.

Posted: July 28, 2019

Will God ever abandon His people? That’s the question posed in Ezekiel chapters 8 to 11. The answer to that question is one of the most sobering sections of Scripture. Join Liam Goligher next time on No Falling Word as he shows us that God will--and does--leave people to their own devices...and examines the circumstances in which that might take place.

Posted: July 21, 2019

In the presence of the exiles, by the Kebar River, Ezekiel prepares the props for his drama: a portrayal of the siege of Jerusalem, and an iron plate that represents the separation of the Lord from the nation Israel. Join Liam Goligher on No Falling Word, as he reveals a horrific truth—that not the Babylonians, but the Lord Himself has become the enemy of His people.

Posted: July 14, 2019

The prophet Ezekiel had a unique assignment, unlike any other Old Testament man of God.  He was commissioned to illustrate Israel’s doom, through a drama that the Lord Himself would orchestrate.  Join Liam Goligher on No Falling Word, as he describes the spectacle of Ezekiel’s ministry and the ominous message he was charged to deliver.

Posted: July 07, 2019

The chariot of God came in the clouds with fire and lightning, a storm the likes of which Ezekiel had never seen. It was accompanied by four-faced guardians, and the wheels were powered by the Holy Spirit of God. Join Liam Goligher as he explores Ezekiel’s fearful vision of a holy God prepared to do battle with His own wayward people.It was to bring a message to Ezekiel: he was to be the prophet of God’s judgement on Israel, on today's No Falling Word.

Posted: June 30, 2019

In the year 593BC, Ezekiel experiences a birthday he’ll never forget. Destined from birth to be a priest in the house of God, he finds himself called instead to be a prophet to the exiled nation of Israel. Liam Goligher introduces a man and a people who had endured the impossible, and felt like everything was lost, on this episode of No Falling Word.

Posted: June 23, 2019

Seeker-friendly churches are based on the supposition that there are people who are actually seeking God. The Bible, on the other hand, tells us that it’s Jesus who came to seek and to save the lost. Join Liam Goligher as he explores the nature and the characteristics of the people who’ll find the narrow road that leads to the Kingdom of God.

Posted: June 16, 2019

As Liam Goligher’s series on the Sermon on the Mount begins drawing to a close, we see Jesus presenting His listeners with two choices---but only one way! Listen as Liam shows us that the one way-the narrow gate--leads to a path that separates us from the crowd, and why only a few will find it.

Posted: June 09, 2019

Why does Jesus give us the "Golden Rule," a directive on how we’re to treat others, along with His instructions on how we’re to pray? What ties these two seemingly diverse subjects together? Today, Liam Goligher examines Jesus’ teaching on persistence in prayer, and explains why persistence is necessary if we are to live out the “Golden Rule," here on No Falling Word.